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CEO Exchanges - How It Works

CEO Exchanges - How It Works

ArtScience Group CEO Exchanges are for those who can benefit from a confidential setting to get a diversity of perspectives for identifying and evaluating alternatives for solving business challenges. The CEO Exchange consists of CEOs from non-competing companies with a focus on successfully growing their companies.

Those who are invited to participate are continuous learners who are open to learning and sharing with peers of non-competing industries.


ArtScience Group CEO Exchanges are for executives who are not only passionate about growing their companies but also becoming great leaders.

Annual Membership includes quarterly full day in-depth forum meetings curated and run by an expert strategic facilitator, as well as follow-up conference calls and one-on-one sessions with the facilitator.

Each Agenda Includes:

Member challenges – At each meeting, using a format that is provided by ArtScience Group, Members present a challenge they are facing in growing their companies. Sufficient time is allotted for deep discussions on the challenges and members receive direct, honest guidance and feedback from their peers that is immediately applicable to their challenge.

Follow-Up Actions & Accountability – Every meeting provides an opportunity for members to report back on the successes and challenges with follow-up actions taken since the last meeting with the goal of helping each other achieve desired outcomes.

Best Practice Topics – Members are asked to identify and prioritize best practice topics they would like to discuss at each meeting. Members share information from personal experiences on what worked well and what did not. Additional materials are frequently provided to supplement the discussions.

Subject Matter Experts –  Depending on the interests of forum members, guests may be invited to meetings at times to further enrich discussions on a specific topic of interest.

Some of the Topics Discussed include:

  • Customer Acquisition Strategies

  • Board Optimization

  • Management Compensation Incentives

  • Investing in Next Generation Products

  • Reducing Sales Cycles

  • Growth Planning

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Sales Force Skill Building

  • Strategic Investors

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