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Executive Coaching, Enhancing Performance

Executive Coaching

Enhancing Performance

Allexe Law, Executive Coach

Allexe Law, Executive Coach

Just like top athletes, executives can benefit from coaches to help them be top of their game. Executive coaching provides a safe environment to think through various topics and to enhance your leadership skills with the objective input of someone whose only agenda is your best interest. Our primary concern is your success as a leader. Our leadership coaching is designed to help you be your best.

Develop Self Knowledge

Being a great leader requires knowing your self, including your weaknesses, strengths and trigger points.  By embracing limitations and leveraging strengths, your talents and potentialities are realized and authentic leadership takes hold.  

Reflective Questioning

One way to discern the complexities of both problems and emergent solutions is to change the nature of the questions we ask ourselves. Asking challenging questions can help unblock your existing mental model.

Successfully Address People Challenges

Running a company is 80% leading people. Whether it is breaking down silos, replacing executives with the competencies and excellence needed or addressing simmering tensions, succeeding at constructively addressing conflict in real-time creates environments where collaboration and innovation can flourish.

Stretch Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Setting goals to enhance your personal and professional development is one of the ways to expose yourself to new opportunities and propel yourself to a new level. Setting stretch goals allow you to extract a new level of meaning and purpose from your work and improve your performance as a leader.

Take Leadership Influence to the Next Level

Taking a closer look at determinants of influence including traits, habits, interpersonal styles, nonverbal behaviors, and strategic actions, can help you identify areas where adjustments can help take your leadership to a new level.

Achieve Growth Goals

To build a great organization, you need to have a clear vision and mission along with core messages that focus and align others around mission and culture. Vision must come from the leader and your core message needs to be repeated in different ways so that it sheds light and energizes people. Staying focused and consistently providing clear, genuine and positive messaging to align your team is key to achieving your goals, but not always easy.

Leverage Unbiased Feedback

As a leading executive or founder, you have no peers within your company.   Having a trusted confident outside your company who understands the change growing companies and their leaders experience with whom you can weigh approaches, run through a strategy, a Board pitch, tap contacts, or to gain an outside perspective is invaluable.

The law of change is the most powerful law of nature.