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CxO Exchanges -

C-Suite Executives from Different Industries

Sharing Expertise & Perspectives

The pace of change requires leaders to be constantly thinking about how to create, deliver and capture value. It requires leaders to step out of their comfort zone; to be visionaries.

ArtScience Group’s experience is that some of our best ideas come when we are exposed to new information, able to brainstorm freely with others, and have time to reflect.

CxO Exchanges make it easy for you to come up with your best ideas.

What are CxO Exchanges

CxO Exchanges are a combination of group dialogue and personalized coaching that introduce cutting-edge business strategies, creative ideas, and practical solutions from experienced and contemporary leadership practitioners.

ArtScience Group brings together executives of different industries and disciplines to explore familiar and unfamiliar problems, uncertainties, and questions that encourage critical thinking. Delving into topics relevant to growing companies and leadership, the inter-disciplinary approach to discussions provide executives with new insights that draw on the diverse perspectives of participating executives. ArtScience Group’s founder, Allexe Law, uses a technique developed over years of coaching executives that is centered around providing fresh perspectives and approaches to addressing leadership goals.

CxO Exchanges differ from CEO Exchanges in that lead topics for each Exchange are pre-selected and personalized-coaching is included and scheduled with each participant.

Exchanges are 8 week programs that include:

  • In-person group Exchanges with other C-Suite executives of non-competing growth companies in a confidential setting;

  • One-on-one personalized coaching sessions


  • The five group Exchanges are held alternating weeks over an 8 week period with experts and practitioners across a wide range of industries and disciplines.  There is a maximum of 8 participating executives per exchange and each 2hr Exchange is held in Boston. Exchanges may also be held on the business premises of some of the participating member companies to highlight features of a member’s business.

Executive Coaching:

  • Personalized coaching compliments the Exchanges by setting aside time to address your top priorities and goals in five, one-on-one coaching sessions (approximately 1hr/each).

  • The initial session focuses on identifying your top priority for enhancing your leadership. The subsequent follow-up sessions are held alternating weeks between each Exchange.

Spring 2019 Exchanges

Evaluating Your Leadership Style

Our leadership style is partly inherent and partly derived from our beliefs and experiences. Reflecting on our leadership style and ways in which it can be enhanced is often put on the back burner.  We will take a close look at different leadership styles and how our style influences the actions of others, as well as our own happiness.


Every leader sees value in setting aside time for strategy but the actual time spent on strategy, what we consider strategy, and our approach to strategy differ from one executive to the next.  We will uncover how other leaders think about strategy and decipher what’s strategic about their approaches.

Cultivating Culture

Some businesses spend time on building a company culture and brand while others let it develop organically.   We will explore the interplay between organizational structure, values, and communication and how it influences company culture and the talent you attract to grow your company.


Technology is accelerating at a rapid pace.  It is helping businesses run more efficiently, make smarter choices and create better customer experiences. We will look at current technology advancements and the real potential for it to change your industry or business practices.

Marketing Insights

Existing clients are gold.  They are the ones who know your product; your service and can refer other clients. Yet, research shows there is a big gap between what a company thinks their client knows about them and what they actually know. We will discuss current insights and approaches to marketing and where there may be opportunities to increase sales and expand your client base.

Executive Coaching

Personalized coaching compliments the Exchange discussions and occur in the alternating weeks.

Winter 2019 Exchanges

Navigating Diversity

Gender equality, millennial and baby boomer generation gap, Me Too Movement, placing women in Board positions, employee walk-outs, diversity and inclusion are just a hand full of workplace topics leaders are navigating. We will explore how different companies are navigating these topics and what practices and programs they have found to be beneficial and why.

Data Insights

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) will transform many industries. They will eliminate some existing jobs and create others. We will learn how different industries are using ML and AI; what it means for future employment needs; what local startups are building these machine-learning powered products; and how the cutting-edge technology combined with industry expertise could be deployed.

Building a Meaningful and High Impact Culture

Free lunch, ping-pong tables, pets welcomed, beer on tap, unlimited vacation time and open office are just some of the perks being offered to attract and retain young talent. We will explore what businesses are providing to attract and retain the right talent, what’s working and how resourcefulness, initiative and innovation are fostered in the workplace.

Business Model Innovation

How an organization creates, delivers and captures value is what becomes a company’s business model.  The speed at which innovative business models (e.g. AirBnB, Uber, Netflix) are changing industries is unprecedented.  We will take a look at the business models of participating companies; explore where innovation may be possible; and discuss how these business models might look two, five, or ten years from now. 

Art of Listening and Questioning

Listening and asking good questions are skills that are increasingly important in our fast paced world. Yet, as jobs have become more specialized, task oriented and quota driven, the art of listening, which is critical to discovery, can be lost. We will explore how companies think of listening and how they encourage listening throughout their organizations.

Executive Coaching

Personalized coaching compliments the Exchange discussions and occur in the alternating weeks.


Spring 1

March 7th - May 2nd

Spring 11

March 11th - May 6th

Spring 111

Mar 19th - May 14th


Fall 1

Sept. 3rd - Oct. 29th

Fall 11

Sept. 9th - Nov. 4th

Fall 111

Sept. 19th - Nov. 14th


CxO Exchanges are designed to take you out of your comfort zone; enhance flexible, creative thinking around emerging challenges; and expand your network.