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Strategic Leadership Series for

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Each CxO Exchange session in the leadership series is designed to engage critical thinking around cutting-edge topics facing leaders and sharpen approaches to strategic leadership. Each Exchange is further customized to the specific interest of the leaders.

Spring 2019 Exchanges

Evaluating Your Leadership Style

Our leadership style is partly inherent and partly derived from our beliefs and experiences. Reflecting on our leadership style and ways in which it can be enhanced is often put on the back burner.  We will take a close look at different leadership styles of participants; how leadership styles influence culture and innovation; and factors that influence our leadership style that when successfully managed improve our overall effectiveness.  

Innovative Strategy

Every leader sees value in setting aside time for strategy but the actual time spent on strategy, what we consider strategy, and our approach to strategy differ from one executive to the next.  Innovative strategy takes the road less traveled and challenges a company to look beyond existing business boundaries. We will uncover how other leaders think about and approach strategy design and implementation and discuss ways in which you can expand your capacity to identify and transform ideas into opportunities that create value for your organization.

Strategic Alignment

The ability to leverage capabilities, networks, experience and expertise to drive an innovative initiative is dependent on one’s ability to inspire, motivate and align key stakeholders.  We will look at creative approaches for inspiring and engaging people around strategic initiatives and how to create ownership, enthusiasm and commitment around innovative initiatives.

Identifying Trends that Matter

Trend spotting requires exploring and synthesizing the internal trends in your day-to-day work as well as scanning the external environment for signals of change to detect ambiguous threats and opportunities on the periphery of the business. Looking at emerging and converging trends, new technologies, competitive forces and alternate scenarios, participants will exchange insights on changes they are seeing within and outside their industries and how and when to act on trends.

Cultivating Culture

Some businesses spend time on building a company culture and brand while others let it develop organically.   We will explore the interplay between organizational structure, values, and communication and how it influences company culture, innovation and the talent you attract to grow your company.  Participants will explore where and how changes to company culture could lead to greater value creation.

Executive Coaching

5 personalized coaching sessions compliment and reinforce the takeaways from the Exchange discussions.

Reading materials and/or exercises are provided in advance of each session and prepare executives for a dynamic and engaging Exchange.

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Spring I

May 16 - July 25

Spring II

May 20 - July 29

Spring III

May 28 - August 6

Fall 2019 Exchanges

Strategic Leadership

Being strategic requires an ability to anticipate, challenge, interpret and decide, often in an unpredictable environment.  It also includes the ability to challenge assumptions, make connections and to align people; to be both a divergent and convergent thinker.  Some leaders are more successful at it than others.  We will take a look at what participants see as their strength and weaknesses as strategic leaders and what actions that can be taken to boost their overall strategic thinking.

Being Agile to Capitalize on Change

Agility is a commonly cited business imperative, originating as a specific process for driving software development. Yet, the concept of agility is often thought of broadly to mean speed or adaptability. We will take a closer look at what agility means to participating companies and how it contributes to the design of innovative strategies. Participants will also identify actions companies have or could take to better equip their companies to thrive amid volatility.

Building a Meaningful and High Impact Culture

Free lunch, ping-pong tables, pets welcomed, beer on tap, unlimited vacation time and open office are just some of the perks being offered to attract and retain young talent. We will explore what businesses are providing to attract and retain the right talent and how skills such as  resourcefulness, experimentation and initiative, key ingredients for innovation, are fostered in the workplace.

Business Model Innovation

How an organization creates, delivers and captures value is what becomes a company’s business model.  The speed at which innovative business models (e.g. AirBnB, Uber, Netflix) are changing industries is unprecedented.  We will take a look at the business models of participating companies; explore creative approaches to business model innovation; practice applying these approaches to a participating business and discuss how current trends may influence the business models of today in five or ten years from now. 

Art of Listening and Questioning                

Listening and asking good questions are skills that are increasingly important in our fast paced world, providing us with the broad big picture thinking needed for strategic innovation. Yet, as jobs have become more specialized, task oriented and quota driven, the art of listening, which is critical to discovery, can be lost. We will explore how companies think of listening and how they encourage listening, questioning and in turn, big-picture thinking throughout their organizations.

Executive Coaching

5 personalized coaching sessions compliment and reinforce the takeaways from the Exchange discussions.


Fall I

Sept. 3rd - Oct. 29th

Fall II

Sept 9th - Nov. 4th

Fall III

Sept. 19th - Nov 14th

CxO Exchanges challenge your way of thinking and expand your capacity to transform ideas into opportunities that create value for your organization.

CxO Exchanges challenge your way of thinking and expand your capacity to transform ideas into opportunities that create value for your organization.


CxO Exchanges are designed to take you out of your comfort zone; enhance flexible, creative thinking around emerging challenges; and expand your network.