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CxO Exchanges

April 18, 2019

Unlocking Strategic Leadership

C-Suite Executives

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Making the Time


To Exercise

Your Strategic Acumen


Engage in Forward Thinking


Leverage Opportunities


Broaden Perspective

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Capture value

Being able to seize opportunities when they are presented that provide a competitive advantage in a product, service or business model often come from being exposed to new ideas and insights that lead to a shift in a leader’s perspective.

Who Should Attend?

Senior Executives with strategic roles who are responsible for creating value for their company.

Leaders seeking inspiration from outside their industry and motivated to enhance their strategic thinking.

Executives committed to exploring their own leadership and to build an action plan to accelerate personal growth.

5 Executive Exchanges & Executive Coaching


C-Suite executives from different Industries breaking away

Engaging in a confidential exchange of ideas, approaches, and inter-disciplinary perspectives on cutting edge topics

Challenging each others thinking, shifting perspective

Expanding the capacity to identify and seize opportunities

Boosting innovative strategic thinking skills


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Assisting forward looking executives with thinking more strategically and identifying high-impact opportunities.

How it Works

CxO Exchanges are 8 week programs that include:

  • 5 In-person group Exchanges with other C-Suite executives of non-competing growth companies in a confidential setting;

  • 5 One-on-one personalized executive coaching sessions


  • Customize and facilitated in-person group Exchanges with CEOs and other C-Suite Executives of non-competing growth companies in a confidential setting.

  • 5 Exchanges are held alternating weeks over an 8 week period with experts and practitioners across a wide range of industries and disciplines.  Topics are pre-selected and each Exchange is further customized to the interests of the group and led by a strategic facilitator (see topics).

  • Maximum of 8 participating executives per Exchange. Each Exchange runs approximately 2hrs and are generally held in Boston. (Exchanges may also be held on the business premises of some of the participating member companies to highlight features of a member’s business).

Executive Coaching:

  • Personalized coaching compliments and reinforces the learning from the Exchanges. Five, one-on-one executive coaching sessions (approximately 1hr/each) will be held with the Exchange Facilitator during the weeks Exchanges are not occurring, with a focus on developing strategic thinking and leadership skills. During the initial coaching session, priorities and goals are established with the remaining sessions focused on strategies for achieving goals.

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Additional details on CxO Exchanges may be found here.

CxO Exchanges are designed to take you out of your comfort zone; enhance flexible, creative thinking around emerging challenges; and expand your network. ArtScience Group fosters a distinctively collaborative exchange of real world experiences amongst diverse leaders.