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Find Creativity at the Intersection of Perspectives


When you need to bring a group of people together to discuss change, develop a strategy, to challenge the status quo, to crystallize your values and mission, or to develop solutions to challenges, an independent professional facilitator with the ability to reconcile alternative viewpoints and keep discussion on track can be invaluable. Our strategic facilitators bring an arm's length view and open-minded perspective that guide and manage a group. We ensure that the group's objectives are met effectively, with good participation and buy-in from those involved.

Pre-Meeting Insight - A strategic facilitator not only facilitates the meeting or workshop but engages you in strategic thinking and planning prior to the meeting to ensure a successful process.  Our strategic facilitators have honed this process to ensure that you get the optimum benefit from the session when your meeting goes live.  

Level Playing Field - It is difficult for CEOs or other insiders who are seen as “the boss” to effectively facilitate meetings where they are seeking open and honest feedback. Using an outside facilitator allows you to observe, listen and be fully engaged while the outside facilitator focuses on strategically producing the desired outcomes of the meeting.

Insightful and Valuable Questions - Sometimes you need someone from outside your organization to facilitate discussions that bring in fresh perspectives outside the industry and ask the insightful and valuable questions that you may not have considered or were afraid to ask. External professional facilitators are unencumbered by biased thinking.

Keep the Focus - Our professional facilitators will keep the discussion focused, keep the process on track, and will encourage team members to act as equals and see things as they are. 

Ability to Really Listen - We bring unbiased and a dispassionate perspective when people feel strongly about the topic and issues at hand, creating a safe, non-threatening environment for open discussion and helping participants feel less intimidated.

Execution is a people problem, not a strategy problem.

- Peter Bregman