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Whether you are CEO, founder, executive or entrepreneur you are both business strategist and a leader of people. Steadily guiding people towards desired outcomes, can be challenging under the pressures of growth.   With a focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities, ArtScience Group takes a holistic approach designed to unlock growth and allow clients to operate smarter, faster and more efficiently.  Solutions are tailored to our clients needs and designed to deliver results. 

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Bright Power Listed as Fastest Growing Energy Company in New York, Joining the Inc. 5000 for the Third Year

 Execution is a People Problem, Not a Strategy Problem

Execution is a People Problem, Not a Strategy Problem



CEO Exchanges & Peer Advisory Councils

CEO Exchanges and Peer Advisory Councils are confidential exchanges for executives, founders and leaders seeking to continually improve performance both on an individual and organizational level. Being around trusted advisors with different levels of experience and expertise, unlocks growth by exposing you to new ideas and novel approaches.


Just like top athletes, executives and founders can benefit from coaches to help them be on top of their game. Coaching provides a safe environment to think through various topics and to enhance your leadership skills with the objective input of someone whose only agenda is your best interest. Our primary concern is your success as a leader. 


When you need to bring a group of people together to develop a growth strategy, to challenge the status quo, or to develop solutions to challenges, an independent professional facilitator with the ability to reconcile alternative viewpoints and keep discussion on track is invaluable.  

Because leading is both, art and science
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