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  • “CEOs by nature don’t have peers within their companies. It is extremely valuable to get together with a group of like-minded CEOs and talk through the challenges that each of us are facing. It turns out that many of us have similar challenges!”   - Jeff Perlman, CEO Bright Power

  • “The exchange of business issues, the real world advice and the feedback on common business pitfalls is what I find beneficial about the ArtScience Group CEO Exchanges. Allexe is very knowledgeable about scaling companies and brings practical insights.  Her experience and method of delivery contributed to the ArtScience Group CEO Exchange experience.” - Kevin Bynoe, CEO United Housing Management

  • “ArtScience Group CEO Exchange provides an opportunity to hear how other executives handle similar challenge, providing different ideas on how to run your company more efficiently. The discussions with the group and Allexe on specific challenges I faced with growing my company has been very valuable.” - Anthony Samuels, CEO DR Building Services

  • “New leaders are learning on the battlefield as to how to establish their businesses, survive and grow. Establishing connections with other CEOs through the exchange and sharing best practices and experiences is a great way to learn how to step back and work on improving our ventures with the support of peers that share similar challenges.” - Edison Almeida, CEO E-Curve

  • “Thinking outside the box and getting outside guidance from a team of CEOs that are not part of my internal team has been extremely helpful.   The CEO exchange has been most helpful for me in addressing operational issues yet has also helped in identifying new business opportunities.  Allexe is goal oriented, action oriented and very knowledgeable about emerging trends.” - Herby Duverne, CEO Windwalker Group

  • “Allexe is perhaps one of the most insightful person I have ever come across - combined with her kind demeanor and really logical thought processes, she has been exceedingly helpful to help grow my venture from day 1. Her vast experience in coaching and mentoring high level executives shows in her ability to be a visionary and accurately predict how an industry would be moving. She is highly respected amongst her peers and it is my honor to be associated with her” - Akhil Suresh Nair, Parzenn Partners

  •  “I find the experience with ArtScience Group CEO Exchange to be extremely healthy and refreshing. It is extremely important for CEOs to share common challenges and experiences and use that exchange to make their company healthier. The Exchange has greatly helped me as both a leader and a CEO.  While there is a great deal of overlap in these roles, there are important differences.  In a small company where everyone wears many hats and “triage” can be the modus operandi, one can get consumed by “leading” a situation and lose site of the CEO responsibility.  I found that the discipline of the forum, the shared experiences, external viewpoints and the 30,000 foot vantage that Allexe and the other CEOs bring in assessing business priorities has brought an important balance to how I have set priorities for myself.  Inputs don’t come just from comments on my challenge, but learning from and commenting on the challenges of the others.” - Moneer Azzam, CEO Solar One  

  • “Allexe manages the complexity of interpersonal issues superbly, and is always professional. Her ability to manage different interests and work towards a common solution is unsurpassed. She is an incisive, creative and strategic thinker who is very successful working with multi-disciplinary teams”  - Anne Lowery, Assistant Commissioner MassDEP

  • “ArtScience Group has created a dynamic environment in which CEOs can openly share experiences and best practices!” - Joel Stettenheim, CEO Norwich Technologies.

  • “The ArtScience Group CEO Exchange has helped me to develop and implement different strategies for growing my company.  The varying topics and discussions around best practices in growing your company and the perspectives of other CEOs creates an open and supportive exchange.  As a strategic facilitator of the CEO Exchange, Allexe brings a great deal of knowledge, energy and professionalism.” Fausto Garcia, CEO 5-Star Plating

  • “Allexe utilizes numerous strategies involving multiple and diverging stakeholders to resolve disputes in a positive and collective manner. Allexe is a team player who brings energy and a natural leadership style to the table. Working with Allexe is always a fast moving, productive, and enjoyable experience.”  - April McCabe, HR Director MassDEP

  • “Her experience and skill working with entrepreneurial companies became immediately evident with her ability to zero in on the crux of the business and the company’s business model; to ask key questions that shed light on the substance of their value proposition; and, to provide thoughtful suggestions” - Alice Nichols, Founder Integrated Strategies National

  • “Allexe’s broad range of knowledge on many subjects, her organizational abilities, flexibility and ability to manage different interests and work towards a common solution is unsurpassed. Allexe manages the complexity of interpersonal issues superbly.” - Victoria Phillips, CIO MassDEP