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CEO Exchanges

Trusted Network of Advisors

Experienced executives leveraging their expertise and insights to achieve results. 

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ArtScience Group provides confidential CEO Exchanges where information is exchanged and insights gained that readily translate into business solutions.  Participants leverage the experience of trusted executive advisors from the CEO Exchanges to navigate the complexities of leading and growing organizations. All meetings are lead by a strategic facilitator, that tailors agendas to participants current needs. Through discussions with the lead facilitator prior to each meeting, participants come prepared to each meeting making the best use of everyones time.

Gain Practical Insights

Executives of non-competing companies serve as an informal outside board of advisors, with no hidden agendas and conflicts of interest, with whom you can openly discuss sensitive issues and get a clear professional view.

Overcome Organizational Inertia

A chance to meet the challenges of growing a business with the counsel of experienced leaders that provide accountability for those times when you need someone to hold your feet to the fire.

Make Better Decisions

A diversity of perspectives and experiences from trusted peers that help you identify and evaluate alternatives for solving business challenges, leading to better decisions. A steering committee to provide valuable insights when charting unknown waters.

Save Time

Hearing the challenges that other accomplished executives experienced in scaling their companies and the lessons learned, helps you prepare for what’s around the corner saving you both time and resources.   

Raise The Bar

Sometimes you have to be around others who have higher standards to reach your highest personal and professional potential.  Being in a group of continuous learners sharing valuable insights, providing intellectually challenging input, and holding you accountable for your actions helps you to raise your game and be the best you can be.

Expand Your Trusted Network

Expand your network with diverse, successful business leaders, and gain valuable knowledge of cross-industry best practices.

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